Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bananzas Studios presents... The Book Job!- Dallin

So recently some friends, my cousins, me, and my brothers have created our own movie. We also named our movie company "Bananzas Studios." The idea came from a mix of both the 7/8 grade band at my school pretending to be Chicago gangsters, and Peter, (one of my cousins) presenting us with his "good reads he picked up at Mulbary Library" ENJOY!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

CELL CITY! -Dallin

So in science recently, we got this assignment for class about comparing the different parts of the cell to a city. We all made a presentation showing this relationship. I decided to work on the plant cell and got going. First, I made a 3-D presentation on Minecraft. Then I video- taped it with an awesome video editor/ screen video capturer called Ezvid. Enjoy!

You can notice that it is a plant cell because of the organelles it has like the chloroplasts and the cell wall. I also forgot to mention in the video the cytoplasm. The cytoplasm is like the grass around me as I walked throughout the city, because the cytoplasm in the cell is the region between the nucleus and the cell wall it's basically the stuff that all the organelles are floating in, just like how everything in the city was originally built on dirt and grass.  I hope you enjoyed!

Sunday, April 24, 2016


I've discovered this new, awesome online game that my family and English class love, and I hope you will too!

Kahoot is a fun family/classroom game where everybody answers questions they see on the screen on his/her separate electronic device.

When you look up kahoot on google, make sure to choose the one that says: Kahoot! making learning awesome. Then, you create an account. After you're on the site and have an account, you can start playing! Either create your own kahoot or do one created by someone else (ex. shown above).

Once you've got a kahoot game, you just press play and start taking out your devices. (Once your devices are out, be sure not to go to "kahoot! making learning awesome." Instead, this time, go to "")

Next everyone goes to, types in the game pin, and creates a nickname.

Beware of silly nicknames. And also have some fun making your own.

Here comes the question! Answer fast and answer correctly. Both will be the main things determining your score. I took this question out of a family trivia kahoot I made, by the way.

The scores could get VERY close

All in all, Kahoot! is a great game that you can bring up at any setting, so what are you  waiting for? Go to it now and start quizzing!

Monday, January 25, 2016


So my grandma was awesome and gave Spencer, Tyler, and me a clay stop animation set this Christmas. so here's one of the videos Tyler and I made called "The Fight Over the Snickers"

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Micro photography- by Tyler

I've discovered that I love taking pictures of nature close up. This was simply a bubble on a branch in our backyard.

Spencer had some fun Photoshop editing all the photos. (Just a tad)

This was just a small, rubber toy I found around the house!

 A lot of these I took at scout camp, taking the photography merit badge. It was awesome. Above is a cricket I found on a bench.

These pictures were taken right after it rained; my favorite time for photography.

This is our old BBQ grill's parts. 

And of course, our snake, Legs.

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did taking them. I love the Micro setting!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Christmas- by Tyler

I was going through unfinished posts and I found this random draft of Christmas two years ago that was never published! so sit back and enjoy.

Christmas this year was a blast!!! We've been busy with no time to post anything lately, but we'll try to catch up.

We got a real Christmas tree this year for the first time in who knows how many years. I forgot how beautiful                they were!!! Everyone thought ours was fat, but I didn't, I thought it was just fluffy!    

Everyone got their Santa gift, which was left out by Santa, unwrapped. Here is Chloe's gift, she loved it. It was a barn with animals, and if you put one of the animals in it, the barn would make that animal's sound, and turn it into a song. 

Levi's toy was played with a lot, and it was so cool! He got a big medieval castle. It had an open up draw bridge, several knights, and the whole castle can quickly change to battle station.

     Brennan probably got the coolest robot we've ever had! (there's been a few) It does almost everything,                                                                           and Brennan loves it!                                                                

   Dallin got what he has wanted for a long time, a trumpet. He has been practicing once every year at the                                            annual art festival, where they have an instrument petting zoo.

I, Tyler, got a real bow with some real arrows. How cool is that!!!! I probably don't practice enough, but i'm getting good! I print out villains, and put them on my hard foam-like target of mine. In the picture i'm wearing a pare of Spock ears I got in my stocking.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tennis Day! -all de bros

Here's the Tennis Video that our mom mentioned


director               Tyler Anderson
cameraman          Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson         Tyler Anderson
Dallin  Anderson                       Dallin Anderson
assistant-cameraman               Dallin Anderson
assistant director           Dallin Anderson
Brennan Anderson        Brennan Anderson
professional Tennis player           Spencer Anderson 
giant lama          Fred the Lama
special thanks to 
flying banana slug
hey what the.....